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lovergirl drop: 01


Loveclub x JED x Equal. This is a garment that promotes being at an ‘Emotional Equilibrium’. Life definitely has it's ups and downs.  We really do need an equal amount of positive and negative energy in our lives to be at that ‘Emotional Equilibrium’. Too much and too little of anything is bad. 

Equal is a product of life's ups and downs and serves as a reminder to individuals who feel lost. Feeling lost is a blessing in disguise because that is usually the first step into finding oneself and unlocking ones true potential. Being able to look at life through a much larger lens and having the ability to see the beauty of both light and dark, enlightens the mind in a way where someone can easily find peace with anything (good or bad) thrown their way. 

Living divided, and one sided creates a disconnect between individuals. At heart, all humans are made the same, and our hearts all beat at the same pace regardless of race, sexual orientation, career, social status, etc. Equal is the anthem of universal love. Whether it be a love for god, family, friends, significant other a passion, or a career, Equal does it's best to intertwine the ideas and and ideals of everyone around the world. This track redefines the meaning of a "love-song"

Proceeds will go towards Mental Health Awareness.

loveclub ♡ the regulars collab

a multi coloured universe